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    Can Permiere Elements Use itunes music?




      I'm using a mac if that matters and i have the newest PE. Everytime i try to import some songs into PE it gives me a a error message like, " This type of file is not supported or needs a required codic is not installed". Can PE just not use itunes music? If so im screw b.c i dont have anything else but itunes on my mac.




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          Welcome to the forum.


          Music from iTunes used to be a bit of a problem. Going back several versions of iTunes, one first needed to create a Playlist, with the desired music, and then burn a CD. They needed to then rip that CD (from the CDA format), and do a Save_As PCM/WAV (for the PC), and Import those WAV files.


          Recently, it seems that things have changed, and iTunes has removed the DRM (Digital Rights Management) from the music. Both Neale and Steve G. have mentioned that the old method is no longer needed, and that things should work much more seamlessly, than they used to.


          Unfortunately, I keep my iTunes at an older version, along with my QT Player (on the PC), so do not have the more recent versions to even check with. Also, I try to stay as far from anything like MP3, if at all possible.


          If Neale, Steve G., or others, do not have a good workflow with the newer versions, you should be able to use the above, "old-fashioned" workflow above. I do have to plead some ignorance, as to the ideal Audio format to use on the Mac. It's PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit (even though the CDA music is 44.1KHz) on the PC, but not sure that is best (the Sample-Rate and Bit-Depth will be the same) for the Mac. Steve G. will know, as he uses both a PC and a Mac.


          Good luck, and wait for other responses, before you start burning Playlists to CD and ripping the Audio.



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            So when i Put my music in a playlist and change the format then burn it to the disk how am i gunna get it into PE? Wont i have to put the music into inutes again which would change the format back to the old format? or could i just take the sone right off of the cd and put them in PE? Also, lol is there a place where i can down more 2d or 3d title animations.. PE doesnt have any, but im sure you know that.

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              Using that old-fashioned workflow, I will just burn the Playlist from iTunes to the CD. As I mentioned, this will record to the CD disc in the CDA format. Now, here is the next step:


              I use Adobe Audition to "rip" the CD (CDA format), which will bring in all of the Tracks in that recorded Playlist. For each of these Tracks (songs), I just do a Save_As, in Audition, and choose PCM/WAV (Uncompressed) @ 48KHz 16-bit, and this will result in one WAV file for each song.


              Being on the Mac, there is not yet any version of Adobe Audition (coming to a Mac near you soon!), and that is a totally separate and expensive audio-editing program, so what should you do? Most audio-editing programs can rip CD Audio just fine. The great, free Audacity can do it easily, and can Save_As PCM/WAV (remember, there might be a better Mac-specific format/CODEC). Audacity is ported for both PC & Mac, but your Mac might already have a great audio-editing program installed. I do not know what is common on the Mac, until one gets up into some serious programs, like ProTools ($$$), but would just bet that you already have such a program. If not, Audacity is free, and works beautifully. You will NOT use iTunes again.


              Good luck, and wait for Neale, or Steve G., or others to weigh-in, as there is probably now a much easier process.



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                The fastest way I know is to drag the .m4a music file (from within Windows Explorer) directly into the Organizer> Project pane. Once in the Project Media you can drag it to your audio timeline.


                .m4p files will need the copy to CD workaround as they are DRM protected files.


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