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    Adobe flash player 10 for Sony Playstation Portable

    marianmadalin Community Member

      Dear Adobe company and developers, i know that you made adobe flash player for Sony PSP a long time ago, but that prooved to be insufficient.I consider that you abandoned the project because of some company issues between you and Sony, but we, the users of that platform, we don't care. I know you are the best in this industry, and i, like so many other users of the portable console, we ask you to release the latest version of flash player, because the browser of the console has full capabilities to play flash contents on the internet.

      I humbly ask you to create this update, because version 6 was very good, but at it's time :(.... The majority of websites don't support it anymore, and we would be gladly happy to know that you didn't lost your interest in this platform developing.

      The file should look like this: Adobe Flash Player Update EBOOT.PBP or Adobe Flash Player 10 EBOOT.PBP but i think you know very well the programming interface on that.



      Please answer to my message to know that i receive a good news and i should be happy.


      Best Wishes for Adobe,

      the Adobe and Playstation Portable users from Romania.