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    SWF referencing other files - Combine?




      I recently used a program that converts a pdf in a "flipbook" flash animation, and either exports as .swf or .exe. My problem however, is that when exported as .swf, it exports the frame/player and calls it movie.swf, it also creates 2 folders.  1 is called images, which has each page of the pdf as a .swf and also as a thumbnail jpeg.  The other folder is called file and has search xml etc in it.


      When the movie.swf is in the directory with the other folders, it loads the other pages, etc.  However, if you move the movie.swf to another location, it does not load anything, it shows the frame/player only.  (I am guess that this is because it is referencing the other files internally)


      My question is, is it possible to convert all of this into one swf, that still has the functionality of clicking on the pages to flip etc.