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    NativeWindow for each Monitor (Multiple Monitors playing same content)




      Display same media (movie/images) content (only once instance) in all attached Monitors




      I am creating two NativeWindow class instances for each monitor (2 monitors available). After I have added the movie content to each NativeWindow, I use a third-party ScreenManager class to say "Send this Native Window to Screen 1 and so on". And then finally I call startMovie method on my movie class. Unfortunately, the movie only starts in the second NativeWindow the first NativeWindow displays a blank White screen.




      var nw : NativeWindow = new NativeWindow(new NativeWindowInitOptions());

      var nw2 : NativeWindow = new NativeWindow(new NativeWindowInitOptions());


      var movieClip : MovieClips = new MovieClips();





      // ScreenManager is a third-party class available here: http://code.google.com/p/airscreenmanageras3

      ScreenManager.openWindowFullScreenOn(nw, 1); // 1 means Monitor 1

      ScreenManager.openWindowFullScreenOn(nw2, 2);





      Result of above Code


      nw is blank white screen. nw2 successfully plays the movie content.


      Second experiment


      If I create a brand new instance of movieClip let's say movieClip2 and then add it to nw2 (instead of adding the same movieClip instance added to nw). Both the Native Windows successfully plays movies. But again this is not what I want. I only want one instance of my movie and play it in all available monitors.




      Adobe Air 2.5, ActionScript 3.0, Eclipse FDT plug-in