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    HELP !   My windows (pulldowns) keep closing

    happyggv2 Level 1

      I am in the middle of screen capturing a project in Flash CS5. And, my pulldown all of a sudden won't open. For example, the pulldown to change the size of the stage. I click on it and all it does is flash for a split second but won't open and allow me to change the size (fit to window, etc). Same thing with my pulldowns for tools. I am trying to change from rectangle to oval. I see it for a split second but cannot change the tool.  This is intermittent. I thought is might be a conflict with my screen capture BUT right now my screen capture is closed and problems is still occurring. I am Windows Vista 32bit Home. I have master collection CS5. I closed down Flash and it is still occurring also when I reopened the .fla.  I need help right away since this project is OVERDUE and I can not complete it while this even is happening. Any assistance would be greatly apreciated. TY Gene.