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    Send email default sender to match email settings of logged in user

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      I was wondering how i could add this into my site.


      If you look at other sites the user can put in their email settings and then view their inbox from within the site when logged in.


      1st Question is:  What settings do I need to store in a table for the user to setup their email settings.  I assume the obvious server name, username and password.


      2nd Question is: Does anyone know how to add in an email view, free would be good.


      3rd Question which is the most important to addt is this:  I want the user to input their email settings in their user profile page so hence need to know what settings to store in the table.  From their i want to when using the addt send email SB to check the user logged in session and match the userid and use their settings to send the email.


      I know how to use the recordset to get the settings of the person who has logged in as that is not too difficult but instead of using the kt default sender which you input in control panel i would want it to use the person who has logged ins email settings,  how can i stop addt from using the default sender and what code would i use in my page for addt to send the email using that person email settings?


      Hope someone can help.


      Many thanks

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          Can you give an example of such a site? Hard to visualize what you are talking about.


          It sounds as if you are referring to websites which let users create their own email accounts and then use webmail to access their email accounts. This is a function of the web host. Examples would be Google mail (gmail) or Yahoo mail.


          This is not something that can be automated.


          Can you give more details and some examples?

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            thanks for getting back to me.  what i was hoping was that the user could send the email via the site suing their own email settings?


            so say the domain is domain.com which the newsletter application sits on.  but the user has his own domain of example.com with his own email settings.


            what i have done is create a mini newsletter system using addt.  i wanted to allow the user to input their own mail server settings and when it clicked send addt would use the email settings to send the email via php.


            there is newsletter system like "constant contact" which you can use to send using their system however it comes into the inbox as if from the person who sent it.


            hope you can help.


            many thanks