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    SWF with TLF compiled in Flash CS5 can't be imported into Flex 4.5

    FTQuest Level 3

      Hello there,


      Trying out Flex 4.5 preview I've run into a problem:

      In my Flex project I dynamically load various SWF files compiled in Flash CS5. These SWFs use TLF.

      With Flex 4.1 everything worked as expected, but in Flex 4.5 I get RTE(s).

      Just to be clear: if the SWF uses old classic text, Flex 4.5 displays it normally, but once you try TLF - nothing but RTE.

      Anybody has experienced that?


      I've also posted this on the TLF forum.


      I'm on OS 10.6.6, and use the prerelease version of Hero (not the latest 18623)