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    Where can I find the CourseBuilder tutorial files?


      This tutorial http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ELearningSuite/2.0/CourseBuilder/elearningsuite_2.0_coursebuil der_extension.pdf talks about files that accompany Course Builder. The tutorial talks about a directory called cb_tutorial but that is nowhere on my system.


      CourseBuilder is installed.


      Can someone point me to the files that are part of this tutorial?




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          DougHarding Level 1

          I found the tutorial directory by using this link http://forums.adobe.com/message/3194658#3194658 to locate the CourseBuilder directory. Sure enough the directory was in this area.


          I must agree with another person who complained about the tutorial. The tutorial states something like this. "The directory you are looking for will be somewhere depending on how you installed it and your OS." This is just too vague for my liking . It should at least attempt to point you in a direction. Most of us use the defaults so it will end up in similar places in most instances. Even if you do not use the defaults a pointer to the area would be helpful. In something like the eLearning Suite it might be a long time after install before you start looking at Dreamweaver let alone its extensions.