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    CS5 3d file Import

    thscgteacher Level 1

      My students and I have been importing files form thr google 3d warehouse from Photoshop for some time. Something is different with CS5 though. Some of the collada file downloads that we downloaded do not display properly. If I set the rendering to wireframe I can see that they are there but otherwise only certain parts of the model are visible.


      These files are the .dae extension.


      Hope this makes sense.



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          SteveR From UK



          I asked the same question and it seems to be a grey area.  As far as I can tell the render engine in PS has difficulty interpreting the UV mapping that Sketchup generates. I think most models in 3D warehouse are created using Sketchup.  In my experience most dae models I get from  sites like 3Dvia seem to be ok however like you I have problems with models from  Google 3DWarehouse.


          Apparently there are different interpretations of the dae  format depending on the 3D application it was created in. I have experimented long and hard with importing files from Sketchup to PS and sometimes if a model is simple you can get away with rendering within PS, however when you start getting creative using cylindical/sphere shapes or use intersect operations with Sketchup then you will get texture issues appearing when rendering  in PS.


          Such a shame as I really love Sketchup.  I was hoping that this version of PS would have some very basic modelling tools like Sketchup but as far as I'm concerned this current version is very limited in 3D capabilities.



          The route I take is to render the model outside Sketchup using a third party Renderer  then saving the image with a green screen or transparent background to aid composing your artwork within PS.



          Anyway this thread I created my help




          Maybe  experienced 3D users can comment on this



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            thscgteacher Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            I'd like to add that the very same Sketchup files loaded just fine in CS3. Therefore I do not expect that there is anything wrong with the files themselves, there is some problem with the was CS5 is reading them. The textures don't seem to be "corrupt" per se, they simply are not there, not being read for some reason.


            Thanks again,


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              SteveR From UK Level 1



              Have you try loading the model into the latest version of Sketchup (8) and exporting as a dae file and then seeing if it still renders correctly in CS3.

              I thinking it maybe something that Google may of change in the the exporting process between versions.


              If that's works then that does sound very interesting.  In fact that sounds very positive in the sense that  may be something that Adobe can sort out

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                thscgteacher Level 1



                I've now tried a number of different file formats that I acquired from 'Turbosquid". .obj, 3ds, The majority of files lose most of their textures when imported.


                Based on my previous experience with CS3 I think this is an adobe problem.  I never had this problem with CS3. I'm going to try contacting them directly.




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                  SG... Adobe Employee

                  Hi Chuck,


                  It's very possible that your hitting known issues with 3D files exported from various apps (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/840/cpsid_84020.html):

                  Collada DAE/KMZ file format

                  DAE/KMZ mesh/model pieces  may show up in the wrong place. This is because we do not create meshes  for polygon types like Lines and Points. In addition, because the mesh  hierarchy is not accurate, transformations may not be in the right  place. Unfortunately, as we do not support lines and points in our  renderer, we currently have no way to resolve this issue.

                  Google Warehouse 3D files (Collada) from Sketch-up 7.1

                  Google  Sketchup 7.1 changed the way they export their Collada format. If you  have a Google 3D Collada file (DAE/KMZ) where it opens with missing  meshes or textures, the file needs to be re-exported from Sketchup 7.1  or later with the Export parameter "Preserve Component hierarchies"  unchecked.

                  Poser 3D Collada files

                  Models  exported from Poser will often come into Photoshop with Opacity of  textures set to 0%. To view these textures, simply change Opacity to  100% for all textures.


                  We have provided a script that helps with the 0% Opacity in KMZ and DAE files:



                  I'll send you a private note so we can get in direct contact and try to sort things out.




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                    SteveR From UK Level 1

                    Hi Chuck,


                    If you do discover anything helpful I would really appreciate if you let me know





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                      SG... Adobe Employee



                      I formated the link incorrectly. This should work, sorry.



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                        SG... Adobe Employee

                        Hi Steve,


                        Chuck sent me one of the files he was having problems with and it has at least a couple things that can be remedy. The model was last saved in Sketchup 6.4.112 so it presented with the opacity set to 0% problem. Running the script to invert opacity values made the geometry display, however there is still some odd geometry placement.


                        If I open the .skp file in Skechup 7 and re-export, then it looks like the geometry issues are fixed when opened in Ps. The 3D engine used in CS3 is substantially changed in CS5 and less forgiving for some kinds of geometry constructions. The Collada (.dae) format version also changeed in that time period so it wasn't just a capricious Ps developer change.


                        If you have problem files downloaded from the web, I'd try the 3D_Invert_Opacity.jsx file to fix 'missing' geometry problem. And if you have access to the .skp file try re-exporting from Sketchup 7.1 or higher to see if that helps. I'm not sure if this works, but you could also try importing the interchange file (.dae, .obj, .3ds, etc.) and re-exporting. Using the interchange file adds the variable of potentially losing attributes (lights, camera, materials).




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                          SteveR From UK Level 1

                          Hi Steve,


                          I appreciate the response, thank you.


                          FYI with the following model of a xwing fighter for example I am able to import it (dae) and see the main texture  but no decals are visible in Interactive mode


                          http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=ddd6c2a51c25036c8a4 3cd65b179a1ff&prevstart=0


                          But in rendering mode  the corrupted decals (sort of broken triangular mess) appear and incorrect texture distortion around cylindical shapes


                          I have the latest version of Sketchup 8 and have loaded the model and exported it into the two formats available in Sketchup (dae,kmz) with no success


                          With the dae format i get the issue I mentioned above, with the kmz I get the following error message which seems very strange


                          "Could not complete the new layer from 3D file command because there is not enough Memory (RAM).


                          The size of the file is 1.6 MB and I have the latest setup iMAC 27 I7 8Gb

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                            SteveR From UK Level 1

                            HI Steve,


                            I have seem to make a  bit of progress on this particular issue of this model.  I am aware of this opacity script and have use in the past with success.


                            However in this case  I couldn't use it as my model was appearing correctly and my issues were occuring during rendering.


                            However it got me thinking and after playing around in Sketchup I had some success by


                            1) Within Sketchup, reversing the faces of areas getting me issues

                            2) painting the reverse side with the same texture

                            3) exporting as a dae file


                            Within PS the decals now appear in Interactive mode and  render correctly


                            Now looking at the distorted textures around curved surfaces

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                              SteveR From UK Level 1

                              Also noticed another operation within Sketchup that effects the rendering of textures in PS.  The "Intersect" function with Sketchup in my experience not only can corrupt the texture but also alters the UV mapping in a way that gives rendering textures in PS adverse results.


                              Say I Intersect a sphere with a corner of a cube  within Sketchup to end up with a cube with a curved cut out corner. Then I import this into PS and apply my own patterned texture, the layout of the texture seems not to be aligned with the cube and seems now aligned diagonal towards the cut out???

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                                Skoolbus777 Level 1

                                I have spent over probably 10 hours.


                                I've tested exporting Collada with every possible option checked and unchecked from Sketchup.


                                Here's what I've found...


                                The texture and/or 3d model only works with the following...


                                1. No curves.... if you create a model with NO curves whatsoever.

                                2. Triangulate faces.

                                3. Group everything.


                                I modeled a laptop... once I introduced curves... i.e. follow me curved bevels it imports into CS5 as odd textures.


                                The script "Invert Opacity" does nothing.


                                I've also tried taking the model (with curves, the same model that doesn't import into Pshop without weird artifacting) into Blender. I've exported in every format with zero luck.


                                Long story short you cannot create a curved surface object in Sketchup and have it display correctly in Pshop. The only way is to create it outside of Sketchup.