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    Need Higher Resolution in Flash


      I need to create a Flash presentation at 11,520 x 1080. Is there a way to go higher than the 2,880 x 2,880 in CS4.  Does CS5 let have a greater mximum resolution?

      The purpose of this is the display the presentation over 6 screeens with the ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 at 1,920 x 1,080.


      Any thoughts or ideas???



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          markerline Level 4

          I'm not sure about the max res in CS5 Pro but I think one approach may be to break up your presentations into 6 different SWFs that join seamlessly the way you would break up a photograph and restitch it seamlessly using Photoshop.  I'm pretty sure that's the way it's done a lot of the time because I once saw a 3-panel tv visual (flash or after effects/premiere?) that had 2 of the videos in sync and the third panel was out of time-registration so it was either playing ahead or behind the other 2.  This can be corrected if your Flash presentation does not require interactivity and you are just doing animation:  Export as MOV and import into After Effect or Premiere and sync the 3 panels with SMPTE time code if necessary.  Although if your animation lengths are all the same number of frames and fps to begin with this step will be unneeded.