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    GTX 485M vs GTX 470M preferences - Sager Notebook?


      Hi everyone,

      I'm looking to purchase a "reasonably capable" notebook for Premiere Pro CS5 and Photoshop CS5.  I know there are trade offs with notebooks, esp. in using Premiere.


      I'm considering a Sager NP 8170-SI http://www.sagernotebook.com/index.php?page=category_browse&selected_cat=2


      Can someone advise on the merit of the Nvidia GTX 485M over the GTX 470M at an additional cost of $ 360 US.  Is there likely any / much benefit?  The GTX 485M is not listed by Adobe as a Premiere compatible graphic card, but perhaps that is simply because it is "relatively" new.  Any thoughts?

      My proposed configuation looks like this:


      17.3 Fll HD LED Display

      GTX 470M GPU 1.5 GB (or GTX 485 add $ 360)

      12 GB DDR3  1333MHz

      500 GB 7200 RPM Primary HDD

      500 GB 7200 RPM Secondary HDD

      (3rd disc would be external)

      6x Blue-ray Reader/8x Multi Drive

      Price is approx. $ 2200 + SH.


      Any feedback on this configuation, and on Sager notebooks in general is appreciated.