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    Can a script be written to improve the import process?

    Tina Z-B Level 1

      Hello everyone -


      One of our managers would like to create topics by importing text from Word.  That is simple enough, but she would like to add a 'mapping' function to the import process that would create the topics in the appropriate folder.


      For example, the RH table of contents is structured by category (4), state(50) and line of business(15).  The Word file is structured as a table, and in that table are columns for category, state and line of business, along with additional text (such as description, etc).


      During the import process, she would like to map the Word file by category, state and line of business.  Using that mapping, import each line of the table and create a topic in the appropriate category, state and line of business.


      Is it possible to write a script to accomplish this task?  Or, is this just too complicated an operation?