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    Datalist with scrollbar, can't get it to work


      Hi all there,


      I've tried this over and over, but i can't get this to work;


      I have selected an picture (thumbnail) AND selected a vertical scrollbar (with shift click) The scrollbar is from catalyst itslef, so not a custom made 1.

      I then (with again both selected) convert these to data list.

      When done, i select within the data list the thumbnail and set this towards the Repeated item.

      I now have (by default) 5 thumbnails. I add some more to my likings.


      And now i'm blanc.

      When previeuwing this in my browser i can see the thumnails, including the hover state, i can see the image of the scrollbar but... the scrollbar does not work.

      I cant even click the butto on it. It looks just like a picture without any functionality.


      I've consulted the web, read Classroom in a Book over and over again, but whatever i do, even within the tutorials comming with the Classroom book, i can't get this to work.


      Help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I'm simply stuck.


      Many thanks allready!