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      i have got a flash file -- social.fla-- ive got a movie clip with an instance name of "kharddieSymbol" added to the stage)----this movie clip has been registered with a custom class via ---
      Object.registerClass("kharddieSymbol", KharddieClass);

      KharddieClass - in this movie controls the UI the client/server communication and all the functionality of the social.fla any graphic components are referenced within this class.

      this social.swf works perfect on on its own.---- http://project1.ardeningari.net/baranoff/social3.html
      my problem is that when i load social.swf it in another movie clip all the functions die and nothing moves.
      i have tried to add this so that it inherits the MovieClip methods and properties but still no luck

      kharddieClass.prototype= new MovieClip();

      any help will be appreciated