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    Data/Services no refresh/update after php changes


      Hi, in FB 4.0.0 when i update a function in a php class file like that :

      BEFORE :

      public function doThis($val1, $val2) {



      AFTER :

      public function doThis($val1, $val2, $val3, $val4) {




      Then i can't use anymore compile my FB4 project, because i put 4 paramaters and FB4 tell me an error because 2 arguments are needed.


      I can see that in the Data/Services panel my doThis function havn't been updated and doesn't match my php class side.

      So i'can't do anything.


      I've seen some people with the same problem and posted it, but no answer given at this time.

      I'm crossing fingers about any answer ;-)


      Thanks a lot