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    Unable to reload ADE

    Heather Shanks

      I was given a Rank Arena reader for Xmas and downloaded 3 books from Borders.  For a couple of days it worked and I fiddled around with it showing it off to friends etc (as you do!)

      I had a problem with the bookmarks and in the book it said to reset if there were problems, which I did several times. I have now realised that each time i reset it I think I lost a book!!!!  Then when I have gone to reload them, ADE tells me I have no registration with them.  I thought maybe I typed my email address in wrongly as it is new.  But I can't access the download again.  Can anyone help me with this!

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          Hi Heather


          You could try one of the "more like this" to the right of this screeen. Or try using the search function - and that may lead you to a post with a similar probelm to yours. It's not un uncommon problem I've found. (ALthough I haven't had it myself.)