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    New rig setup

    Urik_Kane Level 1

      I'm gathering a new rig (haven't bought any of the parts yet though) in replacement to my extremely old socket 478 one.

      Video editing in Premiere may not be the most frequent thing I do on PC, yet I'm trying to make sure it'll handle it properly

      (Hd avi / AVCHD, but no RED or other "heavy" stuff).


      Now, thanks to all advisers on this forum, especially Harm, his posts really helped to figure things out on setup.


      Here it is (with thoughts)

      Asus Rampage III Extreme

      - maybe it's too "hardcore" mobo, and I don't need 4 way SLI, but I chosen it for high-quality components and overclocking features. Actually, I'd rather go with Rampage III Formula, but it seems not being imported to Russia at all (no single shop/retailer in Moscow has it).

      i7 930 (maybe 950)

      - planning to have it work at 4+Ghz or closely.

      Corsair DDR3 PC12800 1600MHz (CMX4GX3M2A1600C8)

      - three 2x2 Gb kits; so 12Gb total; as Harm said there is never too much memory, and I myself often have many applications open at once. I was looking for higher freq sticks before, but it seems to be almost no performance increase > so waste of money. So 1600 mhz I thing is enough to not "hold back" CPU form overclocking, is it? This model is listed in Rampage Extreme's official QVL list.


      - for me it seems to be good balance between performance and price (I do gaming regularly).

      Disk setup:

      I'm not qoing with raid controller, don't have budget for that plus Areca's not even present in any shops here. So, "mobo" raids.

      My setup:

      WD VelociRaptor WD1500HLFS 150Gb- Windows

      I was considering an Intel X25-M 80Gb SSD for this first, but turned it down later for old trusty hard disc.

      2xSAMSUNG SpinPoint F3 HD502HJ 500Gb in Raid 0 for pre-render preview media cache, windows pagefile etc. i.e. work files. maybe also games.

      2xSAMSUNG SpinPoint F3 HD103SJ 1Tb in Raid 1 for data (project, captured, exported, movies music photos all etc.) Maybe it's paranoic, but I never do backups and since 2004 was keeping all my data on one IDE HDD that luckily still lives. But when my friend had 750Gb hdd die completely...

      He lost all movie collection he's been gathering there(

      I've picked these spinpoint HDDs because they've been suggested here on forums, but I was surprised how on every site and shop they only have positive comments and reviews by users.


      PSU 1200W CHIEFTEC CFT-1200G-DF - actually I did not do research on it much, but this model has the most popularity and positive comments on shop's website where it's being sold; I'm quite sure it has enough power on all those rails. I'm taking it with a bit of reserve, for case I'd want to add 2nd video card later. That online PSU calculator gave me 850Watt on this rig I'm planning (I've select full load 100%tdp and all fans).


      Case - Antec Twelve Hundred. Imo, best case in the world... Big, elegant and absolutely ventilating (the most important).


      And finally, I have some worrying thoughts:

      1) Isn't it too late for 1366? As LGA2011 coming in the end of 2011, will 1366 live at least another solid 2 years? And by live I mean be enough for Premiere.

      Not like they release a CS6 and say "k, now you need a Sandy Bridge for our new engine" or whatever.

      2) This

      http://vr-zone.com/articles/rumour-bulldozer-50-faster-than-core-i7-950-and-phenom-ii-x6-1 100t/10819.html

      How much truth beyond that? And how much that applies to Premiere? Do Bulldozers now have all the needed SEE or whatever they call instructions

      to bring i7's to knees?


      Sorry for my English and thanks in advance for your replies!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          How long has the 478 socket been dead? You are still using this old system, right? The fact that a successor will appear in about a year's time, does not mean that suddenly all 1366 boards are dead. You realize of course that the 1366 boards have had a much longer life span than 1156 boards. You also realize there are still 775 boards sold. In short, I would not worry about a successor around the corner.


          Help me with the Bulldozer. Is the Opteron 6128 a Bulldozer? If so, a dual octo core Opteron (16 cores total) with 40 GB memory is still around 3 times slower than a fast 980X system. Look here: PPBM5 Benchmark

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            Scott Chichelli Level 3

            AMD leap frogged Intels P4 platform (about 10-20% gain) and held the lead until Intel Core, which was a drastic increase over AMD.


            the AMD opterons were the king for many years.

            based on AMD today (phenom 6 core) or the server platform magna cours

            the Phenom 6 core is about equal to the intel 870.

            and based on this weeks release of Intel Sandy bridge budget processors

            which are equal to the 980x


            i dont see how AMD can beat even the present Sandy bridge much less the upcoming (4th quarter) Big Dog Sandy Bridge.


            its possible but i think it would take a Dual AMD system to beat a single Intel processor.

            there are no benchmarks to be found other than rumours leaked by AMD. and those are rarely based in fact.