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    Channel Disconnected... Please no!

    Francisco Quaresma



      I'm having a problem that's driving me insane because I just can't find a answer for it...
      I generated a service on Flash Builder to connect to my database, which was working fine until I uploaded the application to my web server.

      The thing is that it wasn't even working locally and I was getting the same error, which was fixed by setting the port variable on my service php file to 3306 (it was empty before). Alright, then when it was working locally I uploaded everything, changed the amf_config paths (it gave me a different error before the paths were correct so I doubt this is the cause), but then the same error I was having before reapeared:

      Channel disconnected

      Channel disconnected before an acknowledgement was received


      I've checked everything on the php file and it should be connecting to the database, so can this port variable be the issue here or something? 3306 won't work, leaving it blank won't work...always the same error!


      I have searched everywhere for an answer and can't find anything that helps me with this.
      If you can help, please let me know! Thanks!