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    What is the best soft ware to buy


      Hi Folks


      I really am a newbie.......


      Which software should i consider buying to be able to produce ebooks and publications for my business. I would like to include pictures and and various other bits detail as well as text.




      Many thanks




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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It really depends upon the content of the ebooks. Off hand I'm recommend the Create Suite Design Standard or Design Premium. The CS Suite forum might be the best place to continue this discussion. You can discuss the type of ebooks you have in mind together with your expertise in using the different Adobe software products. If your books will be more technical in nature the Technical Communication Suite might be better. Off hand, you are not familiar with desktop publishing software you might be best off looking for a professional to help you get started. You can have lots of software without the design and software skill set, you would be best off paying a design professional. Time is money.