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    How to move Lightroom Previews folder to a seperate drive in Windows 7 or Mac OS X

    Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      Windows 7 - Tip thanks to Pete Marshall


      Here's a tip that may be useful for those with several drives wanting to speed up LR a tad.


      1. Download and install Link ShellExtension if you havn't already

      2. Move previews folder to new location

      3 Right click on new folder select Pick Link Source

      4. Return to catalog folder and right click in the folder

      5. Select drop as symbolic link


      You are now ready to go with previews on a separate drive.




      Mac OS X - Thanks to Sean McCormack


      Seans approach uses Symbolic Links. Further details on how to go about making the symbolic links and moving the previews can be found in his tutorial Moving the Preview folder