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    Multiplayer game using Cirrus.

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      I have few question i want to discuss.


      0. What is the best scenario to create realtime multiplayer game?

      My idea of game is real time fighting like a multi player mario with lots of players on map. But i have some trubles with understanding lag compensation, direct posting to peer using RTMFP.


      For me the best scenario is:

      —All clients send actions to server (flash server which also server to himself)

      —Input update

      —Physics update (lag compensation, interpolation, history etc)

      —Send states, sync states to all clients (group)


      1. It is possible to send message directly to concrete (flash server) peer?

      2. group.Post() is really slow to me (100-300ms) where group.sendToAllNeighbors is real time or ping less in other words.


      I have found simple drawing application with same post() problem http://wonderfl.net/c/9Erb


      UPD: netGroupBugs.png

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          I understand why results is different: bcs message arrival is not sequenial?


          UPD: There is 1 more thing i cant understand.

          If i will use NetStream and connect directly to peer it is possbile to fail bcs of Firewall or smth? In this situation i should use routing?