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    Lack of control surface support is a deal breaker

    klinejp Level 1

      I am thrilled that Audition is being ported for Mac, and have been toying a bit with the betat.  If I am going to change platforms and invest in the eventual retail version, it will need to have support for at least one control surface ( it would be nice if it would support more than one, but for now I'd settle for keeping the status quo).


      I have been a long-time Audition user, starting back when Cool Edit first came out.  I've always said that the availability of Audition for Mac would be the turning point for changing from a Windows 7 to a Mac OS platform, but it really needs to have control surface functionality.   Any idea when I'll be able to check out a version with control surface support?


      thanks for your hard work, and for taking this segment of your market seriously.



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the support and feedback.  Controller support will not be available in this release, but is near the top of the feature list for the next release.  Until Adobe marketing officially announces the release date, I can't be very specific about timeframes.


          I believe we'll try to support the most common interfaces and assume this will include Mackie and Euphonix support.  Are you using, or anticipate purchasing, other controller devices that you'd like to see supported?

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            klinejp Level 1

            Thanks for the response.  The Mackie support is great.  It would be nice to

            be able to use more than one control surface, e.g. an extender.


            I currently use Audition 3 in Windows 7 with a Mackie Control Universal and

            it works wonderfully.  I am just getting a bit tired of the instability of

            Windows and am trying to get everything working in Mac OS.   Audition keeps

            crashing my computer under Windows 7, do doubt due to a device conflict that

            Windows doesn't detect until it is too late.


            So far, no such glitches using Mac, but I haven't been able to fully explore

            Audition for Mac because of lack of control surface support.





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              I'd love to see support for the Euphonix MC Transport and also the Frontier AlphaTrack Controller.

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                I am using Adobe Audition 3.0 in conjunction with my PC and Tascam FW-1082 control surface. So far this has been a good run for my home radio production studio, however, Windows is going to be the death of us all...it's time to go to Mac.  (There's a reason why the pro studios globally use Mac)  With that said, I want to keep my Tascam FW-1082, which I believe uses the same protocol as the Mackie HUI.  My 1082 syncs with Audition through the Mackie HUI selection.  As long as this remains the same for the future build of Adobe Audition for Mac, I am sold.  However, I NEED THAT CONTROL SURFACE to be there, I cannot live without it.