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    Key frame editing in premiere8

    alfrid dream

          According to the manual if i edit effects one keyframe at a time they will morph thruout the clip.I selected a clip in the timeline made some keyframe dots,and added an effect .Then i weht to the task box and made the moves to open the edit effects panel.At each dot i made drastic changes, then down at the keyframe advance button i would go forward to the next dot and do the same.I did major changes like red to blue or 0 to 100%.Ok so i get to the end,push done then push apply and i get a clip of one overall effect that does not change.Can any one please shed some light on this? thanks   Tom

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          I do things differently. I will add the necessary Effects to the Clip first, with no Keyframes yet. Then, with the Clip Selected, go to Edit Effects, which will get me to the Effects Control Panel. Then, for each Effect, will toggle animation (Stopwatch), to start adding the Keyframes, and then adjusting the parameters of each point that I want to affect the Clip. Each Effect, that can be Keyframed, will have its own set of Keyframes. They may match up with one another with several Effects, but they do not have to.


          My guess was that you only added Keyframes for one Effect, and if you did this in the Timeline, it was probably either Opacity, if in the Video Track, and/or Volume, if in the Audio Track. Those Keyframes do NOT affect any other Effects.


          Good luck, and hope that this helps.




          PS - if you are still having issues, please post a screen-cap of the Clip Selected, the Effects Control Panel open, and the Effects twirled open.

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            alfrid dream Level 1

            Thanks bill that does the trick   Tom

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Excellent! So glad to hear it, when a plan comes together.


              Happy editing, and thank you for reporting.