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    Serious confusion with the Manage Sites dialog box and setup.

    Peter A. Forkes

      pforkes is my username on my iMac running OS X 10.6.6.

      I am using Dreamweaver CS4.


      In the pforkes folder I have a folder names Sites (this contains all the websites that I have created with DreamWeaver CS4).  In this folder is a subfolder name dwwithphp and in this folder are the following files: index.php and styles.css.


      In the Manage Sites dialog box I created a site named DW with PHP with the following values in the Local Info category:

      Site name: DW with PHP

      Local root folder: /User/pforkes/Sites/dwwithphp

      HTTP address: http://localhost/~pforkes/Sites/dwwithphp/


      In the Testing Server category I have the following values:

      Server Model:PHP MySQL

      Access: Local/Network

      Testing server folder: /Users/pforkes/Sites/dwwithphp

      URL Prefix: http://localhost/~pforkes/Sites/dwwithphp


      When I preview my website by clicking on the Preview/Debug in browser icon the site appears BUT it creates a folder named dwwithphp in the pforkes folder.


      Why does it create this folder and how do I stop it (or put it somewhere like my /tmp folder?