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    Just won't start...

    WmChrisHoward Level 1

      (Sounds like a car, right?)


      I'm in the middle of building a simple flash slideshow, using alpha fades between images. I have three layers, the first one being text, on the timeline for each layer/image. The other two layers are images, small footprint (sized and optimized in photoshop, each less than 100k). When I hit the Enter key it will play on timeline but the preview and fla file just won't start, hung up on the first frame - can't figure this out and I'm guessing I did something somewhere but I can't find it... I've got a more work to do on this one - any ideas?


      I haven't got to using any scripts yet, I figured I wouldn't have to at this point since there's really no interactivity (yet)...




      Flash 5 Pro

      iMac 3.2 Intel i3

      10.6.6, 8GB Ram