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    Making a portfolio


      After reading and webbing i have been able to make a portfolio website with FC.

      To be honest i had great help with the following video: http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/29467374


      But (why o why is there always a 'but' ) it seems that FC has a transition limitation in pages of 20

      In other words, while using like 4 pages for normal content like Home, Contact etc. i have ( using the build shown in the video linked above) only 16 pages left for showing the artwork in the portfolio itself.


      So i really wonder if there is a better way so that i can eventually show like 50 pictures or so.(and still have 1 picture on a page) using FC. Or do i have to combine FC with..... whatever?


      To be clear: i'm very happy with the result so far, but in future projects i would like to be able to "grow" to a larger portfolio.


      Thanks in advance!