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    Set stop action for swf animation

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello Captivate members,

      I have a swf file that shows images and plays audio when I run it. I have not placed a "stop" in frame 1 of the file.
      I would like to be able to stop and start the swf file using captivate. I added the swf file to my library, and place it on
      a slide. How can I have the file open (in captivate) and not play until I click the Play button in the Captivate player.

      Is there a way to set the default action for the imbedded swf file to not play in captivate - so that Captivate (2.0) will show the play button. Then I can click the play button, etc.

      Any tips will help.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Nope, you cannot control an embedded SWF using the primary Captivate project controls (the usual disclaimer "to my knowledge" applies here). To put it another way, if you need control of an inserted SWF, build that control into that object.

          HOWEVER you can put the SWF on it's own slide in your project, then jump in and out of it by using normal interactive navigation methods and objects like branching with click-boxes, buttons and the like. I guess my big question with doing that is that I am unsure whether the audio can be made to stop when you leave that slide and go back to "normal" progressions - or not. If you try that, let us know what you did and how it worked.
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            eholz1 Level 1
            Hello Members -
            I decided to take the easy way out - and put the control buttons in the Flash file, and not load it into captivate!

            Thanks for the tips,