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    AE CS5 Preference Settings Help!

    Mark Dalzell Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I'm working with CS5 now. Can anyone help me configure the best settings in After Effects to get the most out of my PC and the software please?

      PC configuration listed below. I have listed the current settings I have now for AE. Please advise what I should change.

      Thank you in advance.





      My current preference:

      General: Levels of Undo: 99 / Path Point Size = 5 pixels. The rest of the settings are default.

      Previews: Adaptive Resolution Limit: 1/4. Enable Open GL is NOT checked. Zoom Quality=Faster, Color management=More accurate exept RAM preview,

      Alternate RAM preview= 5 frames, audio preview=00:30:00

      Display: Motion Path=selected is No More Than 00:15:00, nothing else is checked below

      Import: Still Footage: Lenght of comp is selected at 00:01:00, Seq. footage=30 frames

      Output, Grids & Guides and Lables are all default

      Media & Disk Cache: Disk Cache=Enable Disk Cache is NOT checked, XMP Metadata=both are checked

      Video Preview: PC Monitor only

      Appearance: Default for checks, brightness=darkest setting, Affects label colors NOT checked

      Auto Save: Automatically.... is checked, save every 10 min., Max project = 99

      Memory & Multiprocessing: Shows Installed RAM: 16 GM, RAM reserved for other applications: 3 GB, RAM available for: AE, PP, En, Bridge: 13 GB,

      After Effects Multiprocessing: Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously is NOT checked

      Audio Hardware: MOTU

      Audio Output: MOTU 1-2


      • DAW I:
      VisionDAW 4U 8-Core Xeon Workstation
      2 Intel QUAD-Core Xeon 5365-3.0GHz, 8MB, 1333MHz Processors
      16GB 667MHz Fully Buffered Server Memory Modules (2x2GB)
      Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition
      Microsoft® Windows® Windows 7 x64
      WDC 250GB, Ultra ATA100, 7200 rpm, 8MG Buffer Main OS HD
      2 WWDC 750GB, SATA II, 7200 RPM, 16MB Buffer HD (Raid 0)
      2 WDC 750GB, SATA II, 7200 rpm, 16MG Buffer HD (Samples)
      2 WDC 1TB Enterprise Class, SATA II, 7200 RPM, 32MB Buffer Hard Drive
      MOTU 24 I/O (main) / MOTU 2408mk3 (slave)
      Plexor PX-800A 18X Dbl. Layer DVD+/-RW Optical Drive
      Buffalo BuRay Drive (External) BR-816SU2
      Front Panel USB Acess
      Integrated FireWire (1394a) interface
      Thermaltake Toughpower 850W Power Supply
      3xUAD1 Universal Audio Cards
      NVIDIA QUADRO FX 1800 / Memory 768 MB GDDR3
      CUDA Parallel Processor Cores / 64
      Maximum Display Resolution Digital @60Hz = 2560x1600
      Memory Interface 192Bit
      Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) / 38.4 GB/sec
      PCI-Express, DUAL-Link DVI 1
      Digital Outputs 3 (2 out of 3 active at a time)
      Dual 25.5" Samsung 2693HM LCD HD Monitors