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    Need help executing jsx in InDesign Server


      Hi All,


      I have written a javascript and indd template to convert my data in xml to pdf in InDesign. Now I want to use this javascript and indd template in InDesign Server. I have removed all GUI related thing in my script so that it doesnt need any GUI input. I am having a problem using SOAP implementation for this.


      Can any one guide me how can i call this script in InDesign Server. I've tried sample client given in InDesign Products SDK and it is giving me error executing this javascript.


      Any help in this issue will be highly appreciated.

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          Manan Joshi Level 4

          You can use SOAP for executing your jsx. First start indesign server for working with SOAP, this can be done by using the command

          Indesignserver –port {portnumber}          //Give any port number through which SOAP communication will occur


          Make sure that the port is open, once this command excutes, you can check the display messages on the command prompt from where you fired this command to check that the server was started successfully for SOAP. Then launch a new command prompt window, move to the folder where server is installed and fire the command


          sampleclient -host {port where indesign server is running} "path of the jsx file you want to execute"


          ex: sampleclient -host localhost:12345 c:\abc.jsx


          Once this command is executed you can look for any responses in the command window from which the Indesign Server instance was launched.


          Manan Joshi


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            biozaichenko Level 1

            Hi Manan,


            I know it is an old post but I have a related question. Would you know why network paths are not recognized by the server. I.e.


            sampleclient -host localhost:12345 c:\abc.jsx arg0='c:\temp\file.indd'


            is running ok




            sampleclient -host localhost:12345 c:\abc.jsx arg0=\\server\share\file.indd'


            ends up with a file not found error. The file is obviously there.



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              AJDValien Level 1

              If you're working on PC then you have to map a network drive to a local folder. UNC will not work. No idea why but I think it's the way InDesign sends the file across or something. Kinda weird. Anyways, I have a persistent symbolic link setup and full permissions between my InDesign server and web server/app server and it works like a charm via SOAP and REST.

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                biozaichenko Level 1

                I tried mapping and it came with the same error. So I installed the server on another machine and registered it manually, not through msc snippet but with command line. Now it's doing it. I will try doing the same on the original machine.