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    Adobe Reader X Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error (Solved)


      I am running Windows XP. After updating to Adobe Reader X, I received the:


      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


      Runtime Error


      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\AcroRd32.exe


      Error message.


      Please let me know if this solution works for other operating systems and/or Adobe Reader versions.


      1) Open Adobe Reader from your Desktop Shortcut or Start Menu. If you receive the above error message, close it again and right click the icon.

          Scroll down and select Properties.

          Select the Compatibility tab.

          Under Compatibility mode: select the Run this program in compatibility mode for: checkbox.

          Select the appropriate Operating System. (I chose Windows 2000, since Windows XP did not appear in the list.)

          Click Apply and OK.


      2) Adobe Reader should now open without the above error message, but will still display this error message if you try to open a PDF Document.

          From the menu select Edit and Preferences... or press Ctrl + K.

          In the Preferences dialog box, under Categories: on the top left, select General.

          Press the Reset All Warnings button, select the Enable Protected Mode at startup checkbox and press the Select Default PDF Handler button.

          Press OK and close Adobe Reader.


      3) Try to open a PDF document. If you still receive the error message, close all programs, re-open Adobe Reader, Edit and Preferences... , General, as  

          above and de-select the Enable Protected Mode at startup checkbox only.

          Press OK and close Adobe Reader.

          Adobe Reader should now work!


      Note: Depending on your User Profiles settings, this procedure might need to be repeated for each User Account on your computer.

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          I got this error when attempting to run Reader X with Windows 7. I got Reader X working by following your instructions (very many thanks) and ended up with Reader X NOT running in Compatibility Mode and with Enable Protected Mode at startup unchecked.


          I have previously had no problems with Reader 9 and lower.


          I suspect the reason I have had problems, is that I've moved C:\Users\username to D:\username (where D: is a seperate partition on the same disk as C:) and then used the mklink command to equate C:\Users\username to D:\username.


          Anyway I'm glad my problem has been fixed and thanks for your advice.

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            I run WinXP Home SP3 and upgraded from Adobe Reader version 9.x. I did not get the message "Adobe Reader X Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error". I just get the "Send Error Report to" dialog box. I'm no tech guy so viewing the technical data is of no use to me. I uninstalled Adobe Reader X and downloaded a standalone installer. Rebooted each time. Same error. I came accross this post and followed your suggestion by changing the Compatibility tab and presto... it ran.


            Didn't want to upgrade from version 9.x but I have a PDF file that seems to be asking for the latest version. Adobe seem to be bungling up their programs. The bugs doesn't do justice to the new bells and whistles. They're strangling their own software. Too many security issues too.


            Anyway, thanks for this.



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              Thank you!!!  This fix worked for me with one slight variation to be noted.


              I would get this error attempting to open some documents.  Other documents would open just fine, and I wouldn't get the error until I attempted to open Preferences.  Either way, step 1 of your solution was required for me to get things working.  ...running XP.