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    'File too large' from PS  express on iPad

    JGhere Level 1

      Finally got the SD card reader for the iPad, and downloaded the PS Express app.  I brought a few images into the ipad from my Canon G10  (about 14mb files) and PS Express won't open them, saying the files are too big. What's with that? 

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          bshowalt Level 1

          Hi JGhere,


          Thanks for your post. I see you are following a similar / same issue in a different thread. As stated there, if opening an image will exceed the amount of memory available, you will see the 'File too large' messaging.


          As suggested, freeing up more memory should allow you to open the desired image files. To do this, double tap the home button on your iPad. This should reveal a "dock" that shows all of the apps running in the background (and consuming memory). Click and hold on any of the app icons till they begin to shake and display a small red circle with a white center bar. Click on the red icon for each app until they have been dismissed. Click on the home button to dismiss the dock. Restart your iPad. Try opening the file(s) in question.


          If you would try the above and let us know if that works for you, that will help us better understand what is going on with your iPad and our app.



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            JGhere Level 1

            Thanks, B, for replying with help.  I did what you outlined, but still, same message. I shot in RAW + large jpeg.  Can PS Express work on RAW's?  I never thought the the iPad apps remained 'open' after I went back to the home screen and opened another app. That is strange.


            Jeffrey  (jghere)

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              bshowalt Level 1

              Hi Jeffrey,


              Thanks for trying out the suggested steps. Sorry to hear this did not resolve the issue for you. To answer your question, yes, you should be able to open RAW files via PSX on the iPad.


              I will try to reproduce with a G10 in house. In the meantime, could you let me know the following:


              • How much free space does your iPad have?
              • What is the image and file size of the files you are trying to open?
              • Would you be willing to post some sample files of the images that are failing?


              Thanks for your time! Hopefully we'll be able to get to the bottom of this soon.


              Kind regards,



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                JGhere Level 1

                Hi Bruce, 


                Thanks again.  I found out that iPads have 256MB of ram, and that apps that are 'open' in the background are not really open nor taking up any significant ram.  Those icons are like bookmarks that act as placeholders when you re-open the app.  Canon G10 RAW files are typically 14MB.  I can post a sample image, but after I convert in ACR and resize in photoshop CS5 for web presentation, there's not much point.



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                  Guy Nicholas Adobe Employee

                  Jeffrey, I am not sure where you got your information on background apps not taking up any memory, but it isn't quite right.  Apps that are sent to the background do not free up anything until asked by the OS.  If the system needs memory it has two ways to get it back from the background applications, first, it can ask them to release what they don't need.  Apps are free to just ignore this request.  So, if being polite doesn't work, the system can then start killing off applications.  Up until one of these things happens, a background application is typically consuming just as much memory as it was when it was active.
                  Regards, Guy

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                    Elias Wong



                    I also found the same problem opening photos imported from my camera.   I've tried shooting RAW, JPEG, RAW+JPEG from two different cameras (12MP & 14MP), and PS can't open any of them.  I also tried close down all the running apps in the background but still no go.


                    Finally I found that I need to reduce the size of my photos to shoot at about 10MP, then PS will open them properly.  My question is, is there a max dimension (pixels) on PS for IOS?  Frankly, I'm quite disappointed if I had to take 10MP photos with my 12/14MP camera just so I can open them with PS while I'm on location. Hope a fix is on its way. 

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                      JGhere Level 1

                      Yes, Elias, this app is pretty useless.  I've been a serious Photoshop user for 15 years, and have the full CS5 suite.  This app should be an embarrassment for Adobe.  They should pull it from the field. 

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                        bshowalt Level 1

                        Hi Elias,


                        Thanks for providing us with your workflow scenario and the limitations you're encountering. The information is constructive.


                        We've been considering this scenario and how we want to approach it.


                        If you can take a moment to put in a request here it will help underscore the need for this feature.



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                          Leigh Bishop

                          Hi, I am also getting no luck opening Raw files from my Canon 7d on my iPad the same message appears file too large. I have tried closing down all apps and I have around 25 Gb free space left on the iPad so plenty of room.   Would love to get a solution for this or could you advise on another Raw editor for the iPad please ?  Regards Leigh

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                            Guy Nicholas Adobe Employee

                            The 25Gb of free space you are refering to is the permanent storage space on the device and is not part of the RAM (usable memory) available  to applications.  The total memory available on the device ranges from 128Mb on the original iPhone to 512MB, on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, but even that is not usable by applications.  Apple does not document how much memory is actually availble to each application, but we will typically get a low memory warning when our app consumes somewhere between 20 and 60 megabytes of memory.  The 18 megapixel images from my Canon 7D are 20Mb and that is in a compressed format, the full RAW image is 18 megapixels x 12 bits per pixel for a grand total of about 27Mb of data for a single image.  Getting the image data and the code into memory at the same time becomes a real challenge.


                            Regards, Guy
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                              JGhere Level 1

                              Thanks Guy, for your answers.


                              The problem is that modern digital cameras now create large files.  It takes a lot of computing power to manage and or work with these files.  I think the iPad is just not robust enough for this task, but Adobe didn't figure this out soon enough and made a piece of software for the limited device anyhow.  What's needed here is a laptop.  All the images in my extensive iPad library are processed jpegs.  That's what works on the device.  It is fabulous for presentations.

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                                Guy Nicholas Adobe Employee

                                You will get no arguments from me.  What I see is all the iPad commercials whereby Apple shows the device doing pretty much everything.  Consumers see this and believe it.  It makes it really tough for developers to live up to the hype


                                That being said, doing better is something we always strive for.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have a 7D and shoot everything in RAW format so I too would like to be able to edit my own photos on the device.


                                Thanks for taking the time to write and share your comments/concerns.

                                Regards, Guy

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                                  I have this same problem.  Photos imported into iPad cannot be edited in PSE.  PSE is version 2.0.730187


                                  Camera is 7D.  Photos are in JPG, not RAW.


                                  iPad is version 1, running iOS 4.3.2.   Capacity is 59.2GB, with 47.1GB available.


                                  Even after a full power-off, then power-on, and with nothing else running,

                                  starting up PSE and trying to edit a photo from Album "Last Import" gets same message.

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                                    ShuchiS Level 1

                                    Please try Photoshop Express latest version 3.1.1 from the appstore. This might help solve your problem.