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    How Do I Create An Intro For A Music Video ???




      I want to create a short intro for a music video using digital pictures, as I don't have a camera.


      And intro similar to this one at this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxQd3xGWPMY


      Any Info Will Be Much Appreciated.




      DJ Tom Patrick

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          markerline Level 4

          Wait, you want to use pictures but pictures that weren't taken with a camera?  Or do you simply want a snowflake

          effect or array of rectangles at random sizes that are rotating about the Y axis in 3D space?  Note, you cannot easily do

          true 3D in Flash--that requires something like Papervision 3D or a 3D animation program that exports to

          an SWF which would be a sequence of 2D images of 3D objects.



          In the latter sense if you are using a 3D software you don't even need Flash--you can export your stills to After Effects or Premiere Pro and then export from there to a YouTube friendly mp4 format.


          If you want a Flash experience then you would have to use Arrays and for loops, adding a sequence of images to an Array in Action Script 3 and then breaking that up into something akin to a particle system or a random distribution of Movie Clips across the screen that are animating in x and y.