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    Premiere Elements 9 DVD build flawed

    DurbsLad Level 1

      I have recently upgraded to PE9.  This is running on a quad-core AMD 3.4GHz CPU (Phenom II 945) with 4GB memory, 2xHDDs, 2GB and 1.5GB.  Swap file is auto-managed, entirely on the C: drive, nothing on the data drive.  Free space a little under 200GB on the data drive.


      I am trying to build a DVD with 1.25 hours of video with menu.  When I preview the disc, all looks good.  I have rendered the entire workspace and get beautiful smooth video with sound.  When I build the DVD, either directly to the DVD or to a folder, I get a small VOB file for the menu, a 1GB VOB file and a 600MB VOB file for the content.  The second VOB file has no audio from 4 minutes into its 8.5 minute length.  When I try to play the DVD, I get no menu, and it just plays the production.  Sound disappears in the second-last chapter, and most of it simply doesn't get written.


      I've tried shutting down PE9 and restarting it, and I've tried rebooting the machine (superstitious behaviour, perhaps, but sometimes fixes things).  I've tried outputting as a single MPEG file.  Nothing makes any difference: about 28 minutes into the production, it stops dead.


      Can anyone suggest anything I haven't tried?

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          DurbsLad Level 1

          I have solved the problem, which turned out to be a couple of frames with some sort of problem which caused the render to abort.  Removing those frames allowed the whole thing to build successfully, and I lost a fraction of a second of footage from the corrupted source footage.  It's for personal use; I can live with that tiny flaw, peeving as it is.  (I had previously succeeded in rendering the whole video, so I am a little puzzled by the problem.)


          Isolating those faulty frames was time-consuming.  I tried a render of the whole timeline by pressing enter.  This got quite a long way through and aborted, leaving me with a green and a red bit on the timeline.  I established the that everything after a later point worked fine.  Doing the failed bit in ever-smaller chunks, kind of a binary search, eventually isolated the couple of frames involved.  If I had a way to regenerate the footage I would have been happier, but eliminating those few frames is a passable solution.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Glad that you found the cause of the issue, and a workaround to producing the DVD.


            Now, regarding those bad Frames:


            Did you have any gaps in the Video portion of the Timeline? Those can kill a Transcode?


            What was the format/CODEC of the bad footage? Some GOP structures can also cause Transcode issues. This especially happens, when one has done a Cut, that removed a preceding I-frame, and the Cut is now on only the "difference Frames." Without the necessary I-frame to draw from, the program has real issues. This ARTICLE will give some more background.


            Good luck,



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              DurbsLad Level 1

              Format: MPEG.  Cuts in the segment: None - until I excised a couple of frames to get around the problem.


              The entire thing had previously rendered without problems, so the apparent corruption in part of the video file during the time I was editing is a little bothersome, so I'll do a disk scan for my peace of mind, which can only be done during a boot and will take time (2GB drives have a down side!).


              Thank you for your help!