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    Fading A Drop Shadow - Missing 'Layer Mask Hides Effects' in CS5


      I'm using CS5.  I want to create a fading drop shadow on a shape/box. See the attached image below.


      In Photoshop, this is easy by doing:


      1) Create shape
      2) Add layer mask to shape layer
      3) Click gradient, set gradient to Multiply, and set gradient colors to white to black
      4) Drag gradient where you want it on the shape.  The drop shadow will actually bleed through the middle of the shape, and not just on the edges, which is unwanted.
      5) Open up layer styles, under Blending Options, select Layer Mask Hides Effects and it will get rid of the drop shadow showing up in the middle of the shape and you will be left with perfect, faded drop shadow on the edges (see below for finished product).


      Firework is missing step 5.  There is no Blending Options and there is no Layer Mask Hides Effects.   Or if there is, I have no found them. I am using CS5.  Any ideas how to accomplish this in Fireworks?