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    Reader X printing problem

    J.Lohmar Level 1



      I use Win XP and HP LJ 3055 (and other printers): when printing a pdf-file with Reader X, 1st page is ok, 2nd and other pages show a jumble of numbers / mess up existing numbers - however, any drawing/lines etc. is still printed well. (by the way: printed with Reader 9.x - print-outs are ok....!?!)

      As mentioned, the error occurs on others PCs and with other printers as well.


      Any ideas?


      THANKS, Jens

      (Greetings from Cologne / Germany to all)

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          Morac Level 1

          I have the same problem on my HP Photosmart C410 with Reader X.  The only "fix" I've found is to disable duplex printing in the printer drivers.   That fixes the corrupt numbers/text problem and for whatever reason it still prints in duplex mode.


          Setting "Print as image" might work as well, but I haven't tried that since it makes printing much slower.

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            chad4828 Level 1

            I had this happen a few times over here.  I found that if I left the PDF open until the printer was done printing it worked fine. If I closed the PDF before the printer finished it would come out a jumbled mess of letters and numbers.

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              BaptX Level 1

              I've got the same problem with Adobe Reader X but I thought it comes from PDF Creator.

              When I create a PDF with PDF Creator I'm forced to keep Adobe Reader  open when printing the document, otherwise characters will be  encoded.

              This problem does not happen when I create one with Adobe Acrobat, WTF?!?!


              I'm using HP DeskJet 720C.

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                AGORACA Level 1


                We have the same problem with Read X !

                We have 2no network HP designjet 1055cm A0 large format inkjet printers with driver v4.67 on XP windows software pc's

                and when we do a print preview, the settings are fixed on A4 and you cannot change them at all.  We are always printing with A1 and A0 PDF's .

                We also have a canon irc2880i A4/A3 network laser printer, but that works with no problem.

                I have now unstalled reader X and reinstalled back again 9.4 reader and it is all working again with the designjets !

                Wake up Adobe on this problem, you have badly let us down on this !

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                  carlenejs Level 1

                  try as a test to disable protected mode.


                  we had issues with printing which were fixed once we did that.

                  long shot though.

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                    AGORACA Level 1

                    Hi Jmurphy777

                    Thanks for the email.

                    I did disable protected mode off and it works !!!





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                      beltwayrider Level 1

                      Open Reader X.


                      Click on Edit, Preferences, General, then unclick box next to "Enable Protected Mode at Startup" near bottom of window.


                      Problem is caused by a bad index in a character translation.  You will notice that the characters printed are the ones that follow the intended characters in the alphabet.


                      This is a called a transposition cipher.


                      At some point, Adobe will fix this with an update.


                      I bought Acrobat X and don't have the probelm (and hopefully still have protected mode).


                      Good luck to all of us.