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    Proxies for AVCHD 5.1

    SiriNeosBoss Level 1

      First of all sorry about my english and about my poor knowledge in audio.


      I need your help for adapting my edit workflow.


      This is my workflow when I edit with HDV or AVCHD source footage:


      1. I create one AVI file for each source footage file (with DV MainConcept CODEC for video and copying the stream for audio). For this task I use DGAVCIndex(for AVCHD files) or DGIndex(for HDV files), Avisynth, and VirtualDub (wow!)
      2. I edit with Premiere Elements 7, but instead of using the source files I edit with the proxy files, because the edition is very fast.
      3. When I finish the proxy proyect, I close it from PE7, I open the proxy proyect file with WORD, rename all '.AVI' for '.MTS'(for AVCHD) or '.M2T'(for HDV), and I save the final proyect file.
      4. I open the final proyect file in PE7 and then I share it to a file or to a BlueRay


      My camcorder is an HV30 Canon model, but in a few months I would like to change it for a TM900 Panasonic model. I was waiting for something new coming from Canon but Canon is living in the past (where are the 60p or 50p canon camcorders for consumers?)


      I am trying to adapt my workflow for my future TM900, using one source file coming from the TM700 model. I do not have any problems for converting the image, but I have problems in converting the audio. The audio in the source file is 5.1 PCM format, I copied the stream to the proxy (AVI file), but when I open the proxy in PE7 the audio is mono.


      Do you have any idea about how to save the proxy in VirtualDub in order to have 5.1 when I import it to PE7?


      I tried with VirtualDubMod, I tried using AC3ACM codec, but PE7 crashes with all of the files created with it.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That's a pretty complicated way to edit, SiriNeos!


          Most people who use Premiere Elements in version 7 merely convert the AVCHD to HDV, which edits pretty efficiently. Doing so may save you a few steps.



          As for the Panasonic TM900 -- one word of warning. This camcorder shoots in 60p and 50p. I recommend against shooting in those formats if you plan to edit in Premiere Elements. But stick with 60i or 50i and you should be fine.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This ARTICLE discusses using proxy files for editing AVCHD. Some have found that by using CineForm, they can also edit AVCHD material on underpowered computers. Think that the CineForm program used is NeoScene?


            Good luck,



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              SiriNeosBoss Level 1

              It is not complicated because I automatized it (In 2 minutes I prepare the proxy generation of many HDV or AVCHD files (100 or more))


              Your advice related not using 60p is not for me. I converted the 50p-AVCHD-TM700 file to a 50p-DV file as I explained you and the edition in PE7 is very fast.


              My problems are related with audio, not with  video.


              My question was not answered. Does anybody know the right compression audio codec I must use in VirtualDub to obtain an AVI file considered by PE7 as a 5.1 audio (6 chanels)?


              Thanks in advanced.     

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The DD AC3 CODEC is used for both 2-channel (stereo) and for 6-channel (5.1 SS).


                Now, I produce all of my AC3 DD 5.1 SS from PrPro with the Minnetonka SurCode DD 5.1 SS plug-in, so cannot comment on using other programs. This THREAD (see D&R Films' Reply) steps through the production of DD 5.1 SS with Audacity, and probably another utility. As I do not need that workflow, I have never investigated it. For some reason, I cannot find Terachild's original post, but think that D&R Films has copied most of it.


                Now, PrE can Import fully DD-compliant AC3 SS files, and easily into a Project set up for DD 5.1 SS, but cannot directly Export/Share to DD 5.1 SS. There will be a stereo (2-channel) mix-down. PrPro can directly Export the DD 5.1 SS, but only with the SurCode plug-in.


                Good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  OK, here is Terrachild's ARTICLE in full, plus some discussions.


                  Good luck,and hope that this helps,