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    Choosing the right preset on output...

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I need help to choose which preset out of the dosens available for flash export.


      I am on PPRO 5.03 on Windows.

      I have a plain DV PAL widescreen AVI of 35 min. dur.


      I want to export that to an FLV for the web. I am not sure which preset to choose to get the same size.


      I tried to export with the def. dimension of thw FLV Web widescreen large and 'high' bitrate. If I look at the default dimensions, it says 720 x 396.

      As I have understood it, the default for DV widescreen is 1024 x 576. That would give a multiplier of 1.777. If I do the same with this dimension, I get 1.818?

      Should it not have been 720 x 405 then?


      I am sorry - but this is very confusing for me to get rigth...