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    "Assistive" routine makes Reader unreadable


      I've used Adobe reader for years without difficulty.  Suddenly, last week, I opened it and got a window which said I needed to make adjustments for "assistive" technology, or some such.  Then came a series of widows with choices I hadn't a clue what they were about.  The result, though, was that when Adobe finally opened the document I was trying to read, the fonts were virtually unreadalbe.


      I upgraded to the latest Reader X (I have Windows XP with all updates) and it happened again.  I've tried searching "assistive" in the KB but don't find anything that seems to apply to my problem.


      How can I make Reader readable again?

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can reset the display colors and override styles in Adobe Reader from Edit / Preferences / Accessibility, and in a couple of other places (see the note at the bottom of the dialog box).


          The popup is triggered when assistive technology is found on your system (screenreader software, etc.) and can sometimes react to other types of software which hook into the display or keyboard. There's no simple way to stop it happening, but it should only prompt once when a change is detected.

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            alflaw3 Level 1

            Thanks for  replying.  However, since I'm not really a computer person, the changes I  need to make on these dialog boxes isn't either apparent or intuitive.   I don't see how these settings are affecting the content of the .pdf  files, which suddenly I can barely read.

            You advise me to "reset the display colors and override styles" but I don't know what to reset them to.

            Sorry to be so obtuse.

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              This is very annoying, but I have the answer!


              Open Reader or Acrobat


              Go to



              PAGE DISPLAY


              On the left

              Under Rendering - there is a "Smooth Text" Option.

              It's probably set to "NONE" If you choose Monitor or LCD/Laptop and click Apply, your "GRAINY" text in PDF documents will go away!



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                Hello Dave, experiancing a weird situation with Adobe reader.

                Running Adobe reader on a citrix environment, as a published application. Also running assistive software Supernova in the same session.

                Opening a .pdf document with active screenreader gives the notification "This version has no support for screenreaders". Without active screenreader no problem.

                Running the same Adobe reader download in XP or Win 7 platform supports the screenreader without comment. Also tried version 7, 9 and X.

                How can I get the Adobe reader working for my blind colleague?