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    Problem using camera with Flash Player



      i've a problem in flash player with webcam.



      Web: once open any site include camera capture feature and flash player popup with privacy settings to allow the camera, when click allow all browsers crash and in chrome flash plug-ins crash ( sadly face ).


      Tested sites:

      youtube webcam

      gmail video chat



      Desktop: oi'm flash developer and i try to use my code to test the cam using AS3 and Flash CS5 ( Camera.getCamera(); ) AND its work GREAT  BUT when test it from flash direct only when i test my published swf and flash player ask me about camera and microphone access and click Allow.. its crash the swf and no response WHILE its work great inside flash cs5.



      My PC and Flash Player settings:


      • Acer Aspire 5738g
      • Windows 7 Home Premium x64
      • Acer crystal eye webcam ( built-in )
      • Flash Player 10.1 r52
      • Flash Player Debugger ( inside flash cs5 )



      What i did:

      • Reinstalled all flash player versions plugins and ativeX.
      • Removed webcam driver and install fresh one ( updated ) from manufacturer website.




      webcam work fine with Skypem,Yahoo messenger and all capture softwares.



      Sorry for allllll that bla bla bla but i love to explain everything clear 


      Thank you