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    saves as model and css files


      Sorry for my english

      But, if yiou cas felp me ..

      When i've got a model document with "reset.css" and "twoColiqtLtHdr.css" and i make a new page.php with this

      model by menu

      File -> New -> page of the model -> and double clic pour open ....

      I ve got ma model page with css ...

      But when i make "save as" the first page index his all OK, my 2nd page ok, but after when i "save as" "reset.css" and "twoColiqtLtHdr.css"

      are "inaccessible, not attached".

      Dreamweaver say "reset.css" and "twoColiqtLtHdr.css" is not in local disc and i ve got any style ????


      And when i want to Function to acquire has echoué given that reset.css and twoColliqtHdr.css do not exist on the distant site.


      And i can't have local disc ...


      Have you got a idee  ?