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    How did this happen


      I have been working on a project i Flash CS4 and now  I have to embed a video in the project and it is giving me problems. I have embedded the video in the project and when I test movie in Flash it works correctly but when I publish it and view  it online it is as if half of the project stopped working!!

      There is a background sound file that runs continuously throughout the timeline and it stopped playing altogether. There is also a shape tween which changes throughout the timeline and it is not even starting now. Also the embedded video is not playing online, it just sits at the first frame like it was a picture and not a movie clip!! I do not understand thsi because before I added the video clip everything was running perfect and now it is like it is not even starting to play. the added video also drasticaly increased the size of my fla file from 2.4MB to 70MB but that is a side issue and I am not concerned about added file size really. I would like some advice as to what made the rest of the project freeze up when I published it with an embedded video clip though and anny help would be treasured!!


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The problem may be that you added 70MB worth of video to the file.  You probably need a preloader for the file so that you load the entire file before it tries to start playing.  Unless there is some reason for embedding the video, you might consider streaming it instead..

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