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    Automatic update download GUI bug - Windows 7


      Since I upgraded to a new laptop with Windows 7 (Pro, 64-bit) I've noticed a problem with the GUI on an occasional Adobe application update prompt.  A window with an Adobe logo pops up on my desktop, apparently trying to alert me about an available update.  But it looks like the attached image.  All that appears is a thumbnail of the upper-left corner of the window.  There are no scroll-bars by which to view what's in the remainder of the window, and not enough of the window shows to even be able to read WHAT Adobe application the update is for!  You can't re-size the window, either.  I have a large number of Adobe applications installed on my system (Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Premiere, Flash, etc.), so it's impossible for me to say exactly which one is pulling this particular auto-update prompt.  But it looks like a bug in the code for the GUI.  The only thing slightly unusual about my system I can think of is that my laptop (a Dell E6510) has the 1920x1080 display option, which is a little higher resolution than typical.  But I haven't seen this problem with any other apps or update pop-ups on this system.




      This problem doesn't precisely fit any forum or user-feedback categories that I can find on the Adobe website, but I am posting here in a downloads-related forum on the chance that somebody internal to Adobe might come across this post and direct it to whomever should know.