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    AVCHD ph 1080p files - CC, levels, grade, MB Looks...issues

    shooternz Level 6

      I am testing CS5 PPRO with some


      AVCHD ph 1080p files that I shot myself.


      Applying  any of these effects .... Levels, 3- Way C.C, Curves, FAst CC,  MB Looks etc ...and I am getting real issues!


      Basically its un workeable for me.  The effects are unresponsive in the interface . MB Looks wont even open the Looks Builder interface.


      I have tried the sequences with MPE Hardware ON and Off 


      I have tried creating the sequence by matched AVCHD ph 1080p Presets or the NEW Item> sequence  . No luck.


      A really bad editing experience with this CODEC


      As soon as I convert the AVCHD to DVCPROHD(mxf).... smooth as silk , every thing works and no problems.  I will now try some other transcodes (including the AVID one from COLIN)


      Any thoughts...anyone please..