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    Can plugins be installed to drives other than C: for AE and/or PPRO?

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      i am running win 7 64 bit

      os is on drive c:

      page file is on drive d:

      scratch disk is on drive e:

      media cache is on drive f:

      footage is on drive g:, h:

      final render is on drive i:


      i have an esata external enclosure

      with 4 more drives


      i would like to install video copilot and red giant plugins on drive j:

      and install some boris plugins on drive k:


      it has been said that adobe programs like to be on c:


      my question is am i setting myself up for trouble

      by installing plugins (and the subsequent footage associated with these plugins)

      on drives other than c:?


      (i am not comfortable setting up any kind of raid yet

      so everything is being treated as single drives)


      (also, all drives are 10k)


      thanks in advance,