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    Sophos reported large download of Adobe Reader



      Our company has installed Sophos Web Appliance as a web proxy and to monitor users access to internet.


      We have notice from the daily Sophos report that some users have been downloading from www.adobe.com and the access is in the range of 200MB to 1GB.

      We have talked to these useres but they have not been downloading/upload large pdf files. Since the pattern is very much consistent, we need to find out the cause and to stop this problem.


      The version of ADOBE Reader version is 9.3.4


      Please kindly advise.




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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds like they are downloading a newer version of Reader and not installing it. The latest and greatest version of Reader is Reader X. It has important security features added to it. I'd recommend you installing it system-wide.

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The payload for the 9.3.4 to 9.4.1 auto update of Adobe Reader is only 3.3 MB, so that can't be it.


            Users attempting to upgrade from Adobe Reader 9 to Adobe Reader X will see a payload of around 35 MB. Usually it runs in the download manager browser plugin; however if they're prevented from installing new software, they won't be able to do anything with it.


            If your users have other Adobe products installed (Creative Suite, Acrobat, etc.) these all have independent upgrade cycles, but enterprise installs tend to disable the Adobe Update manager service so they can deploy via GP. It would of course help to know the precise URLs you have logged, as without that we're looking for a needle in a needle factory.

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              radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Possibly a few PDF's with asian fonts circulate in your company.

              The optional font packages the Reader downloads to display those files can have umpteen of megabytes.

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                ARM2705 Adobe Employee

                Hi hannah_onstream,

                I have Reader 9.3.4 installed and as per regular updates from adobe, I have received 52 MB's patch to get to the latest Reader 942


                After reading your problem, I have couple of questions,

                1. If the downloads are coming from www.adobe.com then it does not completely confirm that the these are all Reader downloads. Would like to know what others Adobe Products are installed at your enterprise ? May be the regular updates for all these softwares are increasing the downloads.

                2. What is the per user download ? and how many users are affected by this. Make your equation with 52 MB's patch size and see if the pattern is expected.

                3. If possible, could you also share the complete link for the downloads because www.adobe.com does not signify anything specific.