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    Dynamic Text Field not displaying text even when font is embedded.

    ariestav Level 1

      Hi There,


      So, I have some basic actionscript code.  It's a legacy site, so I'm using AS2.  The line of code simply does this:


      myField.text = "some text"


      So, I select the text field on the stage, then ensure the font is embedded.  All the glyphs I want are checked, but then when I compile and test, the fonts don't show up when the code is executed.  Instead, the textfield is blank!  What happened?!  Where did the text go?


      I should mention that the .swf which I compile is loaded into another parent .swf during runtime.  If that parent .swf does not contain embedded fonts, is that why it's broken?  I'll try it out, but just wanted to see if anybody can give some pointers for troublshooting.


      Thanks for your time and help!