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    £ sign in form submissions

      This one has me completely stumped, so any pointers much appreciated!

      I have a simple text field within a form, which I have named as 'getsyou'. Upon form submission, the first action is to check whether the user used the £ sign in the field, and if so, replace it with £

      For reasons I haven't been able to work out, it's not doing it and when returned to the form after submission (after the insert, and with the form pre-filled - allowing for edits) the field is showing ?5.00 instead of £5.00 as entered.

      However, and this is what has me confused, if I then edit the ? back to a £, it then sticks and returns correctly. The form page is the same, simply using a cfif to check whether its a new submission or an edit. The only difference is the action page - obviously the add uses an insert and the edit an update. Both action pages however use the same replace function to check for the £ sign.

      I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction with this before I pull all my hair out! ;-)