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    Flex Indesign plugin


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to build an Indesign plugin with flex and CreativeSuiteSDK.


      When trying to execute this statement in a shell:


      java -jar ucf.jar -package -storetype PKCS12 -keystore myCert.pfx -storepass mypasswd

      myExtension.zxp -C "./myExtension"


      I get this error:


      not enough arguments


        ucf -package ( -storetype <type> ( -keystore <store> )? ( -storepass <pass> )? ( -keypass <pass> )? ( -providerName <name> )? ( -tsa <url> )? )? <ucf-file> <fileOrDir>* (( -C <dir> <fileOrDir>+ ) | ( -e <file> <path> ))*

        ucf -help

      Thanks for your help