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    Very slow response in Reader X Preferences


      A couple of issues here, one related to an earlier, resolved query.


      First of all the issue I raised with printing extends to all manner of print problems. Printing to a networked printer, printing from within a browser, printing from an email application - all fail unless protected mode is unchecked.


      Secondly, when opening Reader X and selecting Preferences, the Preferences page opens, but when the General link is clicked, the General page is shown but it takes up to 30 seconds before any of the controls can be accessed. I have seen this behaviour on WinXP Pro SP3 (all with between 1 - 2GB RAM), and Win Vista. Accessing this feature on our servers (Win 2003 32bit, Win 2008 32bit and Win2008 64bit) works in an acceptable time.


      I can live with this, but thought you folks should be aware of it.

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          hkjiurth Level 1

          Forgot to mention this happens on all 30 WinXP machines.

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            i have italian version of adobe reader x



            i disable the flag "attiva modalità protetta all'avvio" i think in english version you follow this:


            preferences -> general -> on bottom (application startup)  the last "checkbox" (i suppose in english version "activate protection on startup" or similar)


            when i disable this flag now open immediatly the second pdf ...

            i not have the problem that you mentioned ... but this resolve for me the problem that i have with slow open second pdf document




            i don't think this solve your problem .... i post here because i see later that there's other post with people that have my same problem