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    Help: updating from 6 year old tech


      Hi forum,


      I currently have an old 12" toshiba laptop. I am long overdue to update my computer equipment, my primary intention is so i can start collecting quality photo and video memories of my wife, future kids, holidays special events etc.


      Originally i had thought i would like to use a windows 7 machine with adobe CS5 photoshop and premiere pro. I heard a bit about the "MPE" and liked the idea of real time rendering. I started doing research on many forums and for a long time thought i would buy a macbook pro with a U2711" dell monitor. I have a Canon 60D to take decent photos and 1080p HD video with a big tv i could also display them on when the family and friends are at my home. Over time my research has taken me in many different directions and now i just can't seem to decide what is best for me?! HP envy 14, XPS 14, ASUS, Sager, Clevo, waiting for newer notebooks or macbook airs etc argh its doing my head in.


      I think ideally i would like a 12" size laptop with the power and performance of the latest sandy bridge quad core desktop computer, "warrior" GPU with a 1080p display and a SSD for the OS just for good measure. I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but this too me would be perfect, i could easily travel with a light notebook and then at home hook it up to a big 24-27 inch monitor. Is something like this at all possible? I'd rather not have two computers because i feel i will have documents and photos here and there (not organised in one location, even though i'd have external storage drives), towers take up space etc id rather just one computer! but i suppose i might have to go down that path of two machines for decent home video editing?


      Your advice would be much appreciated,